The Anchorite


“Medieval eremites, that is, hermits and anchorites, experienced the harshest forms of solitude known to medieval society. The term anchorite comes from the Greek άναχωρητής (anachoretes, ’one that retired from the world’), itself derived from the verb άναχωρειν (anachorein, ‘to withdraw’).

Anchorites then […] sought to withdraw from the world as much as was practicable, often (although not always) to a small, four-walled cell adjoining a religious building. Sometimes referred to as the medieval world’s living dead, many spiritual thinkers have written for them and about them, inspired in part by the deeply dramatic notion of grave-like spatial fixity upon which the vocation is founded.

In contrast to the eremitic seclusion of hermits who could, in theory at least, move locations, anchorites were permanently enclosed within the walls of their cell or ‘anchorhold’.” - Mari Hughes-Edwards


Open-edition giclée print.

• Size: 12x12"
• Print Method: Giclée
• Paper Type: 315 GSM Fine Art Textured Paper

A premium stock that has a bright white finish with a coarse, structured surface equivalent to traditional watercolor paper.

All prints signed by the artist. Printed by Jacob Bannon.


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