Leviathan - Original


Inspired by Moby-Dick and the Medieval “hellmouth” motif, a common visual representation of Leviathan, a monstrous beast who will purportedly emerge from the depths and swallow the damned during the Last Judgment.

In modern parlance, “leviathan” is simply used to denote a great whale or other sea creature, and this piece envisions the Pequod, doomed by Ahab’s madness and reckless pursuit of vengeance, sailing into the jaws of Leviathan upon the great whale’s back.


One-of-a-kind, original pen & ink drawing on Strathmore 500 Series Bristol Vellum (unframed).

• 11x14"
• Archival ink
• Acid-free paper
• 100lb. (270 gsm)


• One (1) signed original piece of artwork (unframed).
• Includes a complimentary vinyl sticker (while supplies last).
• Originals will be shipped in a rigid, padded box via USPS.
• Orders will ship within a week of being ordered; I am a one-man operation packing each and every order by hand, so your patience is appreciated!
• All purchases are final. I will provide a tracking number via e-mail when your item ships.

For display purposes only. Original artwork cannot be reproduced or sold digitally, in print, or in any other format. Usage rights belong solely to artist unless otherwise stated.

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